Care & Maintenance for your Shade & Cover Products…



All awnings and blinds are suitable for use in normal rain conditions however, to prevent unnecessary damage or injury, retractable blinds, awnings and umbrellas should be fully retracted under strong wind or stormy conditions.

Certain fixed canopies and products such as external shutters are designed to withstand windier conditions.

Modern blinds and awnings fabrics are mould and mildew resistant, however any blind or awning retracted whilst it is wet, should then be extended again once the rain has cleared in order for the product to dry before it is again retracted.

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions on the reverse of your quote for all conditions of use. 


All outdoor fabrics can be cleaned but may require varying methods. Please refer to the Fabric Care Sheet or Care Pack you received from our installer.

Please be sure to call us on 1800 GOOD AWNING or email us should you have any questions regarding correct usage and cleaning of your products.

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